Sunday, March 29, 2015

Someone Is Watching

Someone Is Watching by Joy Fielding

"I hear the sound of twigs snapping behind me......I taste the gloved hand that covers my mouth....and feel the flurry of fists at my stomach and face, overpowering my resistance and bringing me to the brink of unconsciousness."

Private eye Bailey Carpenter knows the meaning of fear. Ever since her brutal attack, she finds herself unable to function. Instead, she hides behind closed doors knowing that the ghoulish nightmares will awaken her again just like they do every night. Still reeling from her parents' deaths, Bailey is a woman living on the edge. And she can't shake the feeling that someone is watching her every move.

Before her attack, Bailey's life was complicated but manageable. Now it's become overwhelming. Along with her playboy brother, Bailey is independently wealthy, the heirs to their father's fortune. But five half-brothers and sisters are not rich and they've vowed to get what rightfully belongs to them. Her sordid affair with a married man has lost its appeal. The one thing that takes her mind off of everything is the pair of binoculars her mother left to her. It's become a tawdry addiction to spy on the gentleman living in a high rise across the street. That is, until she gets the uneasy feeling he is watching her, too. Could he possibly be her attacker?

The story is now set in motion as Bailey must overcome her fragile state of mind to uncover the truth behind the jumbled pieces of her vicious assault before he strikes again. There are so many suspects. Is there anyone she can trust? Before she loses her sanity, she must find the answers.

Joy Fielding writes a raw heart-pounding thriller. It's a constant guessing game with red herrings galore that will keep the reader thoroughly glued to each and every page. Bailey Carpenter will return in another Fielding novel, and she's a character I look forward to meeting again.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Life I Left Behind

The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

On the heels of her first successful novel,  Precious Thing, author Colette McBeth, writes another thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge.

Follow along.......

Melody Pieterson came so close to death six years ago. Her limp, discolored body was found discarded in a local park. In her hand, she was clutching a delicate caged bird on a gold chain. She has no recollection of the attack. Melody survived, but now lives a secluded life removed from society with her overly attentive fiance. Even though her neighbor, David Alden, was arrested for her attempted murder, she lives in fear, now that he has been released from prison. And she is beginning to have nagging doubts about that day as her memory returns in bits and pieces.

Eve Elliott  is a reporter from a cancelled investigative crime show. Her friend, Annie, is David's sister. Reluctantly, at Annie's request, Eve begins to look into David's story that he is innocent of  Melody's attack. Slowly, Eve begins to believe that he's telling the truth. Maybe he didn't have enough time to commit the crime, maybe he wasn't the jealous jilted neighbor like the police portrayed. Maybe someone else with a secret motive to kill Melody is still out there. Maybe David Alden is innocent.

Then Eve is murdered before she can present her suspicions to the police. The crime scene looks all too familiar. She is found clutching a delicate caged bird on a gold chain.

David Alden is arrested again, this time for Eve's murder. The news of Eve's death triggers apprehension in Melody. She comes precariously close to slipping over the edge. If David is not the predator, then who in her immediate circle is? Was Eve too close to uncovering the truth about someone who is purposefully misleading the police?

This novel is cleverly written, full of surprises and twists and turns. The chapters alternate between Melody's voice and the voice of the deceased Eve who has all the answers. She'll give you many clues from her grave but you, the reader, will have to figure it out all by yourself.