Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Mistletoe Promise

The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans

Elise Dutton dreads the upcoming holiday season. When your husband cheats on you with your best friend, it's difficult to find joy and contentment even at the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is just another day, a time to reflect on the past year; a time to reflect on past sins, a time for forgiveness. Unfortunately, Elise can never forgive herself.

Sitting alone in the mall  food court, as she is every day at lunch, a stranger approaches her with an intriguing proposition. She's noticed him before with his disarmingly good looks, but now he is actually sitting at her table introducing himself as Nicholas Derr, a partner in a prestigious law firm. Much to her surprise, Elise agrees to his unorthodox contract.....she has nothing to lose anymore.

For eight weeks they will pretend to be a couple and abide by the rules of The Mistletoe Promise. No drama or probing into deep personal issues, just an all expenses paid game of pretend for two lonely people. The contract expires on Christmas Eve and they'll go their separate ways.

As the charade continues, Elise finds her heart beginning to melt for a man she barely knows. She realizes the fairy tale will end when he learns of her secret and the devastating sorrow she carries with her each day. Perhaps Nicholas carries monumental secrets of his own.....

Written by the master of spiritual inspiration, Richard Paul Evans once again creates a short book that will fill your heart with hope and joy at this time of year. Healing begins with forgiveness, but we first must learn to forgive ourselves.

Wishing my readers Happy Holidays wherever you may be.....looking forward to a promising 2015!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Forever Christmas

Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller

"Only those who forgive earn the right to be forgiven".

Beth Farmer waits patiently for her husband to arrive so they can pick out the perfect Christmas tree. As the minutes tick by, she knows he won't come. He will disappoint her once again, as he has so many times before.

It's crunch time for Andrew Farmer, a successful literary agent who hesitates to tell his loving wife that he's leaving for Chicago to seal a coveted deal with a new author. He won't meet her to choose that perfect tree Beth dreams of; she'll be disappointed like so many times before.

Beth watches her husband rise the corporate ladder with mixed emotions. Their move from River Falls, Pennsylvania to New York City is difficult, but love involves sacrifice. However, when she suspects Andrew's infidelity, her aching heart can take no more. As she flees into the snowy streets of Manhattan on Christmas Eve, a tragic accident occurs; an accident that Andrew witnesses in horror.

Much to his disbelief, Andrew is given the opportunity to turn back time by an angel named Lionel. Second chances are rare. He has three days to relive with Beth, even though he knows her fate cannot be changed. Seventy-two hours are all he has to make her realize that she is his world, his life.

This is a short, heartbreaking yet warm story reminiscent of classic Hollywood movies like It's a Wonderful Life. Hope, forgiveness and prayer are central themes throughout the book. Perfect for those of you looking for the magic in the holiday season.

Perfect for those of you who believe in angels.